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As a digital product designer with over 7+ years of experience, I specialise in crafting nuanced and delightful experiences tailored for B2B SaaS products.

I firmly believe that a profound understanding of the product and user intricacies simplifies decision-making to an intuitive level. My passion lies in the subtle art of uncovering user needs, aligning them seamlessly with business objectives, navigating through uncertainties, and translating them into impactful experiences.

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May 2022 . - Present

Senior Design Associate, Atlassian

Ensuring reliable transfer of Jira and Confluence data from on-premise to cloud by building intuitive and scalable UI that fosters trust and confidence.

Nov 2020   -   Apr 2022

Founding Designer,

  • Worked on building the next-gen Observability and Business Intelligence platform.

  • Additionally, collaborated closely with the Pentagram design agency to articulate and define comprehensive brand guidelines.

Nov 2018   -   Nov 2020

Senior Product Designer, Freshworks

  • Led the enhancement of the Analytics experience across 8 Freshworks products, strategically enabling upselling opportunities through the introduction of our cutting-edge Unified Analytics offering.

  • Worked on the initial version of integrating Freddy AI (Freshworks' own AI platform) for analytics, laying the groundwork for advanced data-driven insights and predictive analytics capabilities.

  • Additionally, played a pivotal role in integrating Data Visualization guidelines into the Freshworks Design System.

Jun 2016   -   Oct 2018

Product Designer, Zoho

  • Accountable for integrating and delivering CRM web-based features across various devices, including Mobile Phones, Tablets, and wearables. Implemented the latest iOS and Android guidelines to provide a seamless native experience for Zoho CRM mobile users.

  • In Servicedesk Plus (ITSM), focused on enhancing the workflows of the ITSM Change module. Redesigned the CMDB (Configuration and Management Database) module, transitioning it from an on-premise platform to meet the requirements of the cloud.